Interview with Reign Supreme's Jay Pepito


Posted: 7/15/2011

P = Stereokiller's Paul Brown | J = Jay Pepito of Reign Supreme

Paul Brown was able to snag the first, and an exclusive interview with Jay Pepito as soon as news was broken about Reign Supreme's impending move from Deathwish Inc to MediaSkare Records.

P - First of all, I want to thank you for doing this exclusive interview with us. What have you been up to personally lately besides the band? Has there been any progress w/ Train Supreme, your fitness business? Yes, feel free to shamelessly plug whatever you like.
J - Haha yes that has had some mild success. I train a fair amount of people, at university of pennsylvania, crossfit center city, and 12th st gym. CFCC i run a barbell strength program, based around the deadlift, back squat, and press. Upenn i personal train faculty, staff, alumni, and students. And 12th st is where i see the majority of my clients, its a modern fitness center. I also do internet consulting, write fitness programs for bands on tour, and do some satellite training for clients who dont live in philadelphia. Get in touch if you want to take advantage of any of my services.

P - Now onto the band itself. For those living under a rock, give us a rundown of RGNSUP for those who don't know. You can be as brief or long-winded as you like.
J - We are a heavy metal band from philadelphia. We are angry music for angry people. Im told our records are good background music for hate crimes/genocide.

P - Who is the craziest band you've ever toured with? Whether it be partying or general shenanigans.
J - So many, haha. Cancer bats, advent, the carrier, the ghost inside, betrayal, madball, 50 lions. All really fun guys to be around.

P - Now onto the money question...our HxC Intelligence(aka Sector 69) division received word about the recent news... We hear that RGNSUP is apparently leaving Deathwish Inc and hopping aboard the rising juggernaut, Mediaskare Records. Can you comment on this? We ask because it's not often you hear of a band LEAVING Deathwish, every band has somewhat of a fiendish yearning to be on the 'infamous' label.
J - Yeah, its not a very popular move, to leave deathwish. I think we just honestly felt like we werent going to be a band much longer if we didnt start trying some new shit out. That meant changing our approach to songwriting, surrounding ourselves with new and supportive people, and just being prepared to take a chance. Mediaskare is a label that a lot of bands we play with are on, and theyve always treated those bands very well. I guess we thought it was time to put out our music to a new audience, and try to step out of our comfort zone a little bit.

P - How to you think your fans are going to react to this surprising, almost unheard of jump and can you elaborate on any of the bands plans, does this mark a new era for RGNSUP and can we expect some moshtastic new jams from the band?
J - I think a lot of hardcore kids will talk shit, but lets be real here, weve never done well at united blood, we dont tour with the newest hype bands every year. Those kids dont like us anyway, FUCK EM. Kids who do like our band will be siked, and i think they will be glad to have some heavy new jams from us. The new stuff is a little different from our older stuff, but i think its way angrier, and more mature. Its just meaner.

P - I think it's awesome that RGNSUP has been able to make a name for themselves in such a jaded, spoiled time for hardcore. What are your current thoughts on the scene in the Northeastern US compared to the rest of the country/world?
J - I dont really think about it. I dont honestly know or care about most things going on in hardcore nowadays. I listen to like 5 bands. I know we still draw really well in most of the northeast so that has to mean those areas still care about heavy music, but i dont know what that means for hardcore necessarily.

P - Now I'm going to put you on the spot. is making huge strides towards world domination and helping independent bands. Why doesn't R GNSUP have a SK profile yet, the link on your Facebook goes to Myspace...that's insulting to us. :)
J - I deleted our myspace page, that shit is like AOL or altavista or some old ass 90s shit. Ill make us a stereokiller page. Ill get klint to do it, hes good with computers.

P - Any closing words for the hardcore community?
J - 'tex hooper' by norm macdonald will revolutionize your joke telling. Listen to advent. Im excited for the new mastodon. If you wanna ride motorcycles or lift weights with supreme tribe, hit me up. Thanks! Oh, and of course, check our our new ep on mediaskare records, 'sky burial'.