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Dickscraper @ December 12, 2018 9:35 AM
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Originally posted by: WREN

2) You just said "eating local chicken and eggs" is better for animal life. You do realize in order to eat them, you have to kill them? Well, not the eggs but enjoy your chicken menstruation. Most people don't eat local, they just buy whatever is in the local grocery store, which is almost never local. Which is why factory farming is as bad as it is.

3) Seitan is pretty easy to make. It's time consuming but you get more product for your cost.

4) The nuts part, I'll give you. Almonds take a ridiculous amount of water to produce.

5) Vegan diets are still less impactful on the environment than that of a meat eating diet. Until the world goes back to hunter/gatherer and only eat what they kill, it won't even be close.

A factory farm that produces chicken generates far less carbon emissions than the shipping required for all the vegan cheese and meat substitutes from California and British Columbia and thus has a far lower impact on climate change, ultimately killing far fewer animals.
Dickscraper @ December 12, 2018 9:37 AM
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Big lol at "chicken menstruation". Are you 14?

Ew! He made me realize what chicken eggs are. I did not realize.
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