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Want to Know How I Got Featured on Huffington Pos ›› new reply Reply
CauveƩ_Call-vay @ July 2, 2017 7:57 PM
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What's good kinfolk!

I wanted to share something I thought could be super useful. There's so much noise so we got to differentiate ourselves from all of the other artists trying to get it in.

What I've learned is there is a such thing as credibility and applied or perceived credibility.

My brand is starting to blow up but technically I see myself as still on the ground level grinding. However, so many people assume I am much bigger than I am because I was in the Huffington Post. It's crazy!

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So how did I make it happen?

Networking like crazy! Providing value to everyone I can. And building genuine relationships.

So often, we just want to share our music. Share our products and services. I get it. I do too!

HOWEVER, keep in mind that every human wants to connect. They want to build and not be just a number. So I encourage you to figure out what is going to give your brand/music/art credibility and who can give it that credibility.

And start building relationships today!

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