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Is It A Good Decision To Provide Live Chat Support ›› new reply Reply
54 @ February 23, 2018 3:56 AM
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The customers nowadays do not shop when it is an appropriate time to shop because the fact that internet can be accessed anytime and anywhere has altered their shopping habits and schedule. Now they shop for the goods and services during mid-night, even 4am in the morning, which means that missing out on the opportunity to chat with the live chat operators anytime, will cost the business a client.

It is also impossible for the live chat operators to be accessible all the time, which is why the companies that offer live chat support 24/7 has more than one shift of live chat agents manning the desk.

However only relying upon the chances that the agents will be in front of the computer or laptop at all times to be accessed by the visitors of the website is also a grave risk.

Therefore, the best thing to do here will be to install the live chat system on the cell phones of the live chat agents. Many service providers have used and recommended this approach to ensure that none of the users misses out on the opportunity to consult a professional in their shopping procedure.

The integration of live chat software with the cell phones will inform the live chat agents the minute the customers are waiting for them to assist. The customers too will prefer shopping from your website because of the instant support that they can receive.

Everyone uses their phone for everything and live chat support is the only thing missing from the many applications.
54 @ February 23, 2018 3:56 AM
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