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Food allergies and uti's ›› new reply Reply
aaronpawlak @ April 17, 2018 8:08 AM
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I have a 5 year old silver lab. She's allergic to a lot of food which we found out about through allergy testing. Her food allergies are: chicken, salmon, lamb, turkey, green peas, white potatoes, soybean, kelp, and alfalfa. Every food I've been able to feed her has eventually changed their formulas to include things she cannot have. Most recently she's had urinary tract problems including infection, struvite crystals, and high ph. My vet put her on Royal canin multi function urinary and hydrolyzed protein. Which I thought would be perfect for her issues of urinary problems and food allergies. Only problem is she hates the food. Doesn't want to eat. Help! I don't know what to feed her.

Please help

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