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Don't swim with wild dolphins' warning after Cardi ›› new reply Reply
Zoya @ June 23, 2018 3:57 AM
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People have been warned to keep their distance from wild dolphins after a woman was photographed swimming with a cow and its calf.
Boat skipper Jonathan Evans witnessed the incident at Ynys Lochtyn off the coast of Cardigan Bay in Ceredigion last month.
He described the woman's behaviour as "selfish" and "unsympathetic".
Ceredigion council said people should enjoy coastal activities but not disturb special wildlife and habitats.

Mr Evans, from Dolphin Spotting Boat Trips, took photographs of the incident before intervening.
He said: "It was a family with two kayaks - a mum, dad, little boy and little girl... they were within feet of the dolphins.
"The mum was in the water and was pursuing the dolphin repeatedly."

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