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joy division - 31/F/East atl, GA USA
Joined October 26 2005 9:43 AM
Last Login June 14 2010 11:22 PM
Books, cars, beer, biker gangs.
Other Information:
Relationship Status: Single
Ethnicity: scottish/mick
Occupation: cult leader
Favorite Books: the gosspel according to larry
Instruments Played: bass
Old Usernames:
[HitlersYouth] [JoyDevision] [JoyDivision] [nosleep]

WayneTLV 03/27/2009 1:16 AM
On another note,
Do you think im a pretty princess? Some of those pics arent my best, but I think I look good in a few. My myspace has better pics of me

BTW, I think you are stunningly beautiful.
WayneTLV 03/27/2009 12:41 AM
So when should I fly to Atlanta?
WayneTLV 03/27/2009 12:41 AM
I want to eat you out sooo badly. Its my favorite thing to do, and I know it would be the best oral you've ever received. My stamina is amazing, and I have a technique thats absolutely mind blowing. I'd work over your clit, vag, and butthole with my tongue for a good 45 minutes, getting into every sensual nook and cranny... giving each area the time and attention they deserve. I'll bring you to total ecstasy, and you'll cum more times in this session than you have in the past year. The trick is to focus on the clit, and while i'm servicing the other parts ill rub it with 2 fingers. A little pressure and circular motions. You'll absolutely love it. You'll explode in pleasure. It will also be the best rimjob you ever experience.
This Time Its War 03/25/2009 12:52 PM
Probably longer hahaha. It's been a long long long long time. A lot of things with me are different but yet the same. I feel like I haven't talked to or seen anyone I talked to on here in forever. I hope all is well for you and in time maybe this communication thing we once had will come back to us again. I never get on here anymore as you can see. I don't even look like what my pictures lead you to believe. So, if you want to contact me you can do either of these things:
- e-mail me! I occasionally check my e-mails but if you e-mail me I'm sure I'll get it.
- Myspace message/add me. I check that shit at least once a day because I have no life.
- Facebook me. Just search for Richard Mitchell.
- Text or call me. 804-543-8979

I will be glad to hear from you at any time :)
~Mr.ElectricOcean~ 03/23/2009 9:44 PM
what's up babe?
WayneTLV 03/22/2009 9:09 PM
Not too much. How you been?
captain my captian 02/18/2009 12:50 AM
holy crap no wayyy
east atlanta is near rockdale or conyers
thats pretty close
and who knows when were ganna hang outt
you tell mee yoo
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