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rubyx - 30/F/San Francisco, CA USA
Joined December 11 2005 8:48 PM
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Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: Chinese
Smoke? : Straight Edge
Drink? : Straight Edge
Education: SFSU
Favorite Books: Everything by Kurt Vonnegut
Pets: Cat

-Jeremy- 11/02/2006 1:28 AM
you brought my rating down, ohhh noes!!?!

destroytheweak 10/17/2006 2:53 PM
fuck you ashlee simpson is terrible, so is atreyu, and underoath. the last is underoath's best song so fuck you and go back to asia right after you get this slut.
Skulls-N-Bones 09/04/2006 12:46 PM
what the fuck ashlee simpson sucks you moron go back to asia!
the_godfather05 03/28/2006 2:02 PM
Yeah just so you know there are not many atreyu fans on this site? I like them but for some reason people don;t like them. Are you on their street team?
killerpunk 03/16/2006 10:02 AM
no the band i like dont play for the fame or to get there name out. they play for there message and many dont evan lisen to the message.And there underground because many for example emo people will explote the calture and ruin the message
killerpunk 03/13/2006 9:32 AM
nice bands
kill_the_lights 02/17/2006 9:41 PM
aw yes! they are amazing.. i get to see them at taste of chaos on march 21st :]!!!
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