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brian. - 35/M/King of the Burbs, IL Christmas Island
Joined November 7 2002 6:48 PM
Last Login September 9 2019 2:25 PM
Other Information:
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: Quite full-bodied, medium-sweet with a dark, soft nuttiness, a good, peaty character with a lightly honeyed, almost Christmas cake richness and a gentle peatiness.
Religion: Big-bodied, smooth, round, soft, rich and medium-sweet, slightly toffeeyed and gently peated.
Smoke? : No
Drink? : Yes
Education: B.S. of Computer Science
Occupation: software developer
Old Usernames:
impulse [sheetz] [brian.] [RickJames,bitch] [brian.] [THEIRONCURTAIN] [brian.] [RonArtest] [brian.] [spookcitysean] [brian.] [IHATESHEETZ] [brian.] [paulwall] [brian.] [BobTootski] [brian.] [GregoryHouse,MD]

Captain Ahab 10/26/2017 9:30 AM
Didn't read.
Also,cocaine is a helluva drug.
Captain Ahab 09/08/2017 8:40 AM
Bashar al-Asad 09/01/2017 2:44 AM
Can't choose the horn bud
Black Hole 06/20/2017 8:47 PM


What is your deal?
steviehayesrecords 06/07/2017 10:58 PM
what's your deal? you know anyone that wants to collab? to tear fast food to pieces?
Zeusenstein 05/30/2017 11:30 AM
Lol oh my
cbrickhouse 05/15/2017 2:29 PM
lmao so i guess that western union money i sent him wasn't paying him
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