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WREN - 36/M/Linwood, PA USA
Joined March 9 2006 12:19 PM
Last Login September 30 2019 12:05 PM
Dianna, Indiana/Dylan, horror movies, music, triathlons, OCRs, weight lifting, and xbox.
Other Information:
Relationship Status: Married
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: white
Religion: Buddhist
Smoke? : Straight Edge
Drink? : Straight Edge
Children: sike, nah
Education: few college classes under my belt
Occupation: working for the man, doing reviews for this site
Favorite Books: The Stand by Stephen King
Instruments Played: skin flute
Favorite Movies: Evil Dead
Pets: Dog
Old Usernames:
[Mr.JohnWren] [MirkoFilipovic]

Aggelos_Aggelos 12/15/2017 4:25 PM
Aggelos from Greece here mate ...
Can you please contact me here:
whenever you have some free time ..
I am interested in the DESOLATE SKY BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DARKNESS review and the album ....
kind regards
XWHISKEYX 07/07/2017 10:10 AM
No problem man. If you have the shirt I will gladly cover shipping and if you would like I will trade you a digital copy of the coma cluster void album. Thank you.
XWHISKEYX 06/29/2017 8:58 AM
if you can set the 2x aside, let me know how much and I will paypal you. Let me know if you want that album, fyi I did buy it lol.
XWHISKEYX 06/29/2017 8:44 AM
What shirt sizes do you have left? Yeah his new band is really avant garde, it takes some time to get into it. If you have a gmail account I will send you the album.
XWHISKEYX 06/28/2017 10:40 PM
Hey man, you still doing bottomfeeder? Also I know you like the disalvo era cryptopsy like I do. Have you checked out coma cluster void? Its his new project, very extreme.
Captain Ahab 09/14/2016 2:07 PM
Gotcha. So he has a pretty good chance of refing on the Germany card then.
Captain Ahab 09/14/2016 12:38 PM
I'm surprised Glory didn't promote that more. At least to get some traffic to their site.

Wow that's pretty cool. He had a quick day on this fight. So does glory get first choice over the athletic commission for picking refs?
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