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xAJDELAWAREx - 36/M/Kennett Square, PA USA
Joined March 16 2003 11:35 PM
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Relationship Status: Married
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: White
Religion: None
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Drink? : Straight Edge
Children: None
Education: More than you.
Occupation: Banker/Photographer/Bank Photographer/Photographic Banker
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[ajdelaware] [AJDelaware/Maryand] [AJDelaware/Maryland] [AJDELAWARE] [FatMike''''sSperm] [AJDELAWARE] [xTHIS_ISNT_FUN_NOWx] [xAJDELAWAREx] [DICKLORDBONE] [xAJDELAWAREx] [xAJeXDelawarex] [AJDELAWARE][xAJexDELAWAREx]

alli. 03/04/2013 5:01 PM
Iron Chef Gein 05/27/2012 1:58 AM
Working, playing mom, and hating life since it's summer. How are you?
Iron Chef Gein 04/08/2012 1:07 AM
Oh hello.
Yodel Toast 08/24/2011 4:37 PM
stop signing onto xbox and not inviting me to play games damn it
Yodel Toast 05/24/2011 9:22 AM
I have yet to check out longwood gardens, used to drive by it all of the time when I lived out by that way. Have a bbq already, its memorial day weekend!!
Yodel Toast 05/24/2011 9:07 AM
invite me over for dinner, I mean it. I'll bring dessert or some shit. How's wedding season going? I haven't played adventures at all since I got Michael Jackson
XWHISKEYX 05/11/2011 4:40 PM
Hauntingly catchy.
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