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b. nasty - 30/M/Wilkes-Barre, PA USA
Joined May 1 2007 10:29 AM
Last Login January 28 2011 11:26 PM
Going to shows, Having fun with friends
Other Information:
Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: take a guess...
Religion: none
Smoke? : No
Drink? : No
Children: no
Education: high school
Occupation: asshole
Favorite Books: The Outsiders
Instruments Played: none
Favorite Movies: Too Many

deletedaccnt 09/17/2010 5:41 PM
give me a yeah
Mike. 07/19/2007 4:51 AM
voted. hahahaha
Mike. 05/02/2007 7:44 PM
get off my nuts.
ericpinhat 05/02/2007 7:07 PM
i see you hunting down my pa hardcore account mr b. nasty.

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