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p diddy - 36/M/smelford, PA USA
Joined July 9 2007 9:26 AM
Last Login July 14 2007 6:45 PM
getting laid.being a big rockstar so nobody fuks with me!aikido so nobody fuks with me!
Other Information:
Relationship Status: Desperate
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: human
Religion: god within us
Smoke? : Yes
Drink? : Yes
Children: how many does she need?
Education: h.s.diploma,self educated
Occupation: unemployed
Favorite Books: bible,the great books of western civilization,world book,websters unabridged dictionary of the english language,the giver,the catcher in the rye,coffe table art collections,anything on D.I.Y. repair,holistic medicine,survival techniques,atlases,cheri ,hawk,pureley 18 ,hustler barely legal ,blacktail,whoreantals,national geographic,guitar player,radio shack,antique electronics supply,summit auto,car and driver,popular mechanics,popular science,musicians friend,american music supply,
Instruments Played: guitar
Favorite Movies: all the rambos,rockys,terminators,the shining,full metal jacket,the toy,critical condition,nighttrain,the sellout,grumpy old men,beavis and butthead do america,red dawn,patton,qaudrophenia,the wall,the outsiders,scarface,goodfellas,donnie brasco,suicide kings,pulp fiction,ghandi,spaceballs,history of the world,the goonies,over the top,demolition man,dumb and dumber,ace ventura,bruce almighty,house of 1,000 corpses,fresh,N.J. drive,white men cant jump,meatballs,the royal tennenbaums,dodgeball,borat,zoolander,down to earth,ntional security,roots,1776,3,knievil,dont drink juice in the hood while being a menace,higher learning,american history X,batteries not included,crocodile dundee,duece bigalow,coneheads,freddie got fingered,jackass the movie,south park bigger longer and uncut,bubbleboy,slingblade,beetlejuice,edward scissorhands,silence of the lambs,hannibal,platoon,hamburger hill,a few dollars more,pale rider,the outlaw josey wales,dirty harry,licsence to kill(the charles broson movie not the james bond flick),delta force,kung pow,forrest gump,BIG,

Eric Paradox 07/14/2007 6:55 PM

got voted off lol
Browntown 07/14/2007 1:41 PM
i hate you hahahah
Kadesh 07/13/2007 8:16 PM
oh ok.
Kadesh 07/12/2007 7:50 PM
hey dude, who are you?
kristen g. 07/11/2007 5:00 PM
kr!styn 07/11/2007 1:59 PM
haha I know it's fuckin awesome. they were probably brother and sister screwing each other. lmao
kr!styn 07/11/2007 12:18 PM
check it i dont know if I got the right link
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