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Armored Fist - 50/M/Huntington Beach, CA USA
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In the fall of 1979, Social Task formed as the result of several acts breaking off and re-emerging under the integration of day-glo punks and leather jacket punks in the area. Gone were the days of "Outsiders" and "Crowd" fans going at each other, as Huntington Beach was now united and musicians formed new alliance's for the new sound that would emerge in Los Angeles and Orange County. Still, the main stage for social task was local garage music scene in Huntington Beach and Long Beach. Now, the music was shifting into broader alliances with "Vicious Circle" and the fans were making inroads in the Los Angeles music scene. The Idols, Non-Fascists, Fourth Reich and Klan had broken up. Don Snell (Idols) and Jeff Milucky (Fourth Reich) collaborated with John Blake (Klan) and began practicing in earnest and trying out singers, Ray Sabesta, (Fourth Reich) and Curt Mosher (No Crisis) The band still had no name, but the songlist continued to grow. In the meantime, Scott Sisunik (Slashers/Non-Fascists) was busy forming a new band with guitarist Marc Martin (Non-Fascists) and Frank Ruffino (Outsiders) and had introduced James Rodriguez (Bass) and Richard Katchadoorian (Skitch-Blade)to the lineup. Displeased, with this rythm section, Frank Ruffino abruptly broke off work with Richard, but decided to retain James Rodriguez on bass and introduce Vince Mesa on drums. The political windfall had ramifications since Sisunik had recently brawled with Mesa, as they lived on the same street in H.B. and Mesa was beat up after Sisunik returned from juvenile hall. Sisunik quit. Not even a week had passed since the China White breakup, and Sisunik was trying out with the band that came to be known as "Social Task" With the addition of Sisunik came increased songlist structure and innovative vocal patterns. Snell/Milucky immediately introduced "This Is Me" and work on DR1, DR2 began to fall together nicely. By spring of 1980 "Your Dangerous" and Public Reaction were completed. The bands only cover song was Generation X "Day By Day" and later SHAM 69 "Tell Us The Truth" with Dana Steverson on Vocals. Social Task was playing local garage gigs, and recorded the studio release demo songlist. Several high profile shows with "The Screws" and "Gestapo" resulted in some media attention from "Flipside" along with some interviews. Several garage parties at "Lobotomy's" brought punks from all over Los Angeles, and the south bay punk scenes. Sadly, the band was experiencing "Cult Status" articles by the Daily Pilot, police harassment, and shutdowns before the second song of any show could be launched. Entire legions of punks were getting photographed, and profiled. In 1981 Skitch-Blade, Richard Katchadoorian was tragically killed in an automobile accident on his way back to the "Edison Recreation Center" show, with Joey Hughes and Theresa Hess in the car. Fortunately they survived it. For social task, it was over. Famous Lobotomy Quote: "A wide out brief candle, a mere player that struts and fretzes across the stage, and is heard no more" -George Barrie

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