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..1 09/14/2007 2:18 PM
I'm not all that good either. It's all about having fun.

That sucks about the mini ramp fall. Dropping in is way easy, but it's definitely the sort of trick that you need to commit to, or don't bother trying it. I guess that advice is about 3 months too late though. Hopefully you are recovering nicely.
..1 09/11/2007 10:01 PM
Havn't talked to you for a while. When are we gonna go bomb so hills and do some no complies?
palealeisgreat 08/28/2007 10:18 PM
and the points he made on why he feels that way, I had never heard, and were pretty believable
palealeisgreat 08/28/2007 10:17 PM
some youtube video with a dutch demolition expert... can't seem to find it now, i can only find the one where he talks about WTC #7 which he does infact believe to be demolition... but the 2 WTC he feels could have collapsed from the planes...
aboutleaving 07/17/2007 12:31 PM
I've been meaning to check out that Zeitgeist documentary, thanks. I don't rule out that certain people or organisations or whatever, may have known beforehand about the attacks to some degree, I'm just not convinced that they were an inside job.

And if it were, despite all the unexplained and weird stuff that is analysed and overanalysed on that day, I think it would have probably been to the extent of training the men, and giving them inside information about how to do it successfully (doing it on a day with norad ops for example).

I don't think it can be proved either way, and there's such an incredible amount of different views and analyses, I gave up trying to read everything about it, because it doesn't even matter that much. They're exploiting it whether they done it or not. It's just even more evil if they done it.
chris spiro 05/29/2007 8:50 PM
destroytheweak 05/23/2007 8:33 PM
damn that sucks, so now they won't be airing it at all?
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