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i willeatyourxsoul 11/23/2004 11:07 PM
hey man nice comment on where the school made the kid cover up his shirt
because if this country was so fucking free and we had right of free speach that school would've never done that (unless they liked bush they could still make him cover it cause they would be free) but besides That i support the boy all the way
Timmie 07/15/2004 5:10 PM
Ok, reasonable. So how did we get here?
Timmie 07/15/2004 4:43 PM
Wouldn't it be more effecient if the "haves" instilled fear on the "have-nots" by threatening there lives now rather than saying the there is an eternal damnation? I wanna know though, if there's no God, how did we get here?
GoregeousEpithelioma 07/09/2004 1:26 PM
Darryl! it's ME! Monica! lord! I've missed you!
Everything Beautiful 06/24/2004 12:10 PM
check out Everything Beautiful.
radiophile74 06/15/2004 5:44 PM
yes, it is schlosser, my bad. he has a book Fast Food Nation about all the ridiculous crap we eat everyday, another called Reefer Madness about the ungerground economy of the US, and he's currently working on one about the American prison system.
radiophile74 06/15/2004 5:07 PM
Thank you, sir. Are you familiar with the works of Eric Sclosser?
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