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dreadful 06/17/2013 5:02 AM
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RazorRamon 12/01/2012 11:48 AM
im in yorkshire court across the street from there now. mings has been breakfast for the past week.
Dickscraper 09/13/2012 9:51 AM
I was there with a large group of people. Later, as 90% o them left, after we settled up the bill, two friends of mine and I went to the bar to get another beer. The bartender (who turned out to be the manager) told us we can't be served at the bar since we have a server for our table. I said we already settled our bill, and one of us three just got here and was never in the party. He got shitty about it and eventually turned his back on me, so I yelled "hey" and when he turned around I said "how bout you go fuck yourself." He then told me I needed to leave and I said something like "I'm leaving now anyway, you fuckin twat."
Not the greatest story, but you asked for it.
KOMMANDER 06/14/2012 5:53 PM
you're right. least interesting person on the internet.
Yodel Toast 05/15/2012 9:13 AM
awww little dudes!

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