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vfr666 - 10/M/ USA
Joined June 1 2009 10:56 PM
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Education: law school

Joe Boccuto 08/11/2010 9:49 PM
yo what message board was that that you mentioned?
Adam Grace 08/10/2010 12:16 PM
hey man, could you point me to some decent blogs? 90% o the music I've been listening to in the last 8 months came from your upload post in the hardcore forum (especially alpinist, trainwreck and bow 359). Im new to most of this shit so if you could point me to a couple of blogs you use that would be awesome.
Joe Boccuto 07/14/2010 4:33 PM
Well when you put it like that
Dave B. 03/14/2010 2:34 PM
yeah dude, the new record just leaked.
ass nipples 10/15/2009 9:32 PM
actually never heard them/him before, i just think that kids listens to crappy shit. but ill give it a try.
Eric Paradox 10/15/2009 4:15 PM
some people I hadn't met before... 4 girls and a dude and a dog, its a nicer house than the one I lived in before and I like the people better. and I'm starting a shoegaze band with my new roommate, lol.
Eric Paradox 07/19/2009 11:19 PM
yo you need to get better at answering your phone, dingleberry.

btw I got my car towed last night and it cost me about $244, which is almost all the money I have. plus a $60 ticket, I parked too close to someone's driveway. shit luck. but I did meet a girl who called me back today... lose-win situation?
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