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!Crying_Heart! - 30/F/LA, CA USA
Joined January 30 2004 9:21 PM
Last Login December 24 2007 7:32 PM
I'm Tymbre and some dumb ass has gotten into my shit on here. FUCK WHOEVER DID THAT!!!!!
Other Information:
Relationship Status: Married
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: French
Religion: Jewish
Smoke? : Straight Edge
Drink? : Straight Edge
Children: Someday
Education: High School
Occupation: None right now too much to do!
Favorite Books: The Five People You Meet In Heaven, Dinner With A Perfect Stranger
Instruments Played: Flute for 8 years, Sax-1 year, Voice 5 years
Favorite Movies: Peter Pan (all of them),Walk the Line, Rent, and a lot of old movies
Pets: Fish
Old Usernames:
[abc123] [LoVeLeTtEr69] [crazyforyou] [abc123] [Crying_Heart]

love_hate_00 10/14/2008 12:36 PM
sweetcaligurl 10/09/2007 8:57 PM
go steelers
AuroraInYourEyes 03/10/2007 2:48 AM
bitch!!! but i styll luv ya.. less than three!!!
Yes Im Chad 10/30/2006 9:47 PM
great. Do you have myspace?
A_MaRtYrS_DeAtH 10/30/2006 7:19 PM
Hey hey! I definetly got the job as the photographer! :D So im excited about that! :D! Love the new pic of you! Very pretty! :) Well come me sometime! Love you babez!
Yes Im Chad 10/25/2006 10:38 PM
What it do sista?
A_MaRtYrS_DeAtH 10/22/2006 2:04 PM
Hey tryed calling u just now but u aint picking up : '( well love u hope to tty soon!
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