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Strange Dong - 36/M/Echo Park, PA USA
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burningbrainstheband 10/16/2016 3:57 PM
A pleasure have you as my friend. We are Burning Brains the Band from Brazil. and we would sincerely appreciate it if you took the time to visit our ReverbNation. We're number 1 on the ReverbNation Rock charts for Brazil!

Burning Brains: Ever heard the album Amazon's On Fire?

In 2011, the band Burning Brains, born in Bel?m / PA released their first CD, which was executed to the best of Hard Rock / Heavy Metal in its thirteen compositions, whose review is published here in Rock On Stage (check this link) and far this year 2015, the founder Jr Thunder (or Ant?nio Augusto Cesar Junior) by the producer Borislav Dimitrov of HiZ Productions remastered all tracks, gave a new title to work ... Amazon's On Fire and made available for sale on the following links : and, check out because it is a hell of sound, which was launched by Paulo Janela from XMetaL Empirex ( SPREAD THIS VIDEO LINK ACROSS YOUR FRIENDS) THANKS A LOT
please friend watch this amazin video and spread for your friends too. Thanks a lot for your attention.
Bashar al-Asad 10/10/2013 1:19 AM
kilgoretrout 05/22/2013 11:35 PM
Hell yeh man, listening now. This shits awesome. Keep it up.
ericpinhat 12/06/2012 6:00 AM
Yea dude, that's no problem. It would be better if I had a bunch already transferred to my hard drive, that way I could just copy them for you. Anything specific you're looking for?
Sacrifyx 11/03/2012 2:07 PM
Have you heard Lord Worm's Black Metal band?
soltroff 07/31/2012 1:36 AM
Boner jams '03
WREN 05/30/2012 7:09 AM
you have reviewer rights now.
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