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Wiseacre - 31/F/, PA USA
Joined June 25 2015 12:53 AM
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“It's not just me for you. I have to look out too. I have to save my life. I need some peace of mind.”
Other Information:
Relationship Status: Dead Inside
Favorite Books: Invisible Monsters, John dies at the End
Favorite Movies: Princess Bride, Almost Famous, Young Frankenstein

Mystical Fog of Gobulon 2 Months ago
When you post things like that you are not insulting anyone other than yourself.
XWHISKEYX 2 Months ago
Im still waiting for your gogey video.
XWHISKEYX 3 Months ago
XWHISKEYX 3 Months ago
YAAAASSSSSSSSS, practice over the weekend and I will do the same. We can then compare notes.
XWHISKEYX 3 Months ago
more like a river dance mixed in with the running man
XWHISKEYX 3 Months ago
It needs to involve quick movements and tippy toes
XWHISKEYX 3 Months ago
we need to come up with a dance called the gogey
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