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Wiseacre - 30/F/, PA USA
Joined June 25 2015 12:53 AM
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"...because it was death, and you did see him, as people who die in the lonely places do. It was death, and tonight when the sun goes down he'll be back for you."

Lifetime74 2 Months ago
click here for link

Hey, be careful while out running. Especially in the farm park of Norristown
The Time Cube 4 Months ago
Don't fuck with me faggot
steviehayesrecords 4 Months ago
what's your deal? you know anyone that wants to collab? to tear fast food to pieces?
Zeusenstein 4 Months ago
Haha. The poster who posted them is using my old username. I gave out my password and now they post gay porn on my page. Please alert me if you need my password as well.
Zeusenstein 5 Months ago
Zeusenstein 5 Months ago
Say you have a surprise and tell me to close my eyes, when I close them, point a pressure washer filled with battery acid right at my face. Tell me to open my eyes and spray me right in the face on full blast
Zeusenstein 5 Months ago
Take a horse and rip off his giant horse dick and shove it down my throat, kick me on the balls and push me down the side of a pyramid
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