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Wiseacre - 31/F/, PA USA
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“What's there to say when it's all been said out loud? Why do you break yourself down and stay close to the ground? Stand yourself up now. I'm stepping out, I'm standing up and catching a foothold that's stronger than ever. So who's to blame? Shouldn't be a care. What's done is done - go from there And recuperate from past mistakes. We have a choice from rise or fall.”

Gaysaxaphone 3 Weeks ago
Gaysaxaphone 3 Weeks ago
After can I cum on your face?
Gaysaxaphone 3 Weeks ago
I'll cum tribute your photos
Mystical Fog of Gobulon 1 Month ago
Lifetime74 7 Months ago
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Hey, be careful while out running. Especially in the farm park of Norristown
Zeusenstein 9 Months ago
Haha. The poster who posted them is using my old username. I gave out my password and now they post gay porn on my page. Please alert me if you need my password as well.
Zeusenstein 10 Months ago
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