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amandaaa 09/15/2008 3:06 AM
Chelios is seriously the oldest ever. I'm so proud of him playing though. He was out for a couple games in the play offs though due to some kind of head cold if I recall correctly.

I'm not going to lie I'm kind of pissed that Hasek was suppose to retire from Sabers (I'm originally from buffalo but I hate the Sabers because we suck so I go for the wings) and then moved to the wings. Just sayin'

I'd have to say I have a love for Zetterberg though, Just because of his looks and his amazing ability to score short handed goals.

I'm Amanda by the way. :) Isn't it ridiculously late over there?
amandaaa 09/15/2008 2:56 AM
All I'm going to say is you're 100% correct about that. And he seriously needs to be beat up. I hate him so much, He gets away with so much.

As much as I hate the fucking pens though, Malkin is good. Personal opinion.

I also have a secret crush on Umberger from your team. :)

ANYWAYS, How are you?
amandaaa 09/15/2008 2:34 AM
Don't get me wrong, I do like the Flyers, I wanted them to win over the Pens because I fucking HATE Crosby with a god damn passion, Some news caster said he was the new Mario Lemieux which made me want to die.

Hossa signed with the Wings this year though, I'm stoked about that.
Lola Jack and Cola 09/12/2008 10:17 PM
OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha :D
RAD 09/09/2008 6:21 PM
Yeah, tell me about it! She thinks she's some cool lady when she's nothing but a god damn scenie weenie dike princess. Princess of what you ask? I have no fucking idea. haha.
RAD 09/08/2008 5:37 PM
I have 12 years for that day to come.
RAD 09/08/2008 5:19 PM
Yeah, I know. Life is bullshit right now. If i'm not happy by the time i'm fucking like 30... "Off with her head". ;-)
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