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yog sothoth - 33/M/liverpool uk United Kingdom
Joined April 28 2004 6:39 PM
Last Login July 12 2015 5:14 PM
60s/70s Horror films, Biker films, HP Lovecraft, Occult books, Hippie Freakouts, The darker side of the 70s, War films, 1%ers and Hells Angels and biker culture, Hippies Freaks Rednecks Wierdos and Cults, War memorablia. Doom metal and 70s heavyness, Maps, Countryside, Walking, History, Nature. Sleeping, Guiness, Whisky, Good music. Making Films
Other Information:
Orientation: Straight
Religion: no
Smoke? : Yes
Drink? : Yes
Favorite Books: whisper in the darkness
Favorite Movies: the dunwitch horror
Old Usernames:
[randymcmanly] [lokideathhell]

Natasha likes hippos 01/12/2005 5:23 PM
shes my slutface<3
Natasha likes hippos 01/12/2005 4:49 PM
i am ha
yes geena is my awesomely amazing
Natasha likes hippos 01/12/2005 4:29 PM
you do!?!
haha whys that
Eric Paradox 01/10/2005 7:59 PM
What's your soulseek sn?
Eric Paradox 01/10/2005 7:54 PM
yup, add me to your list dude. Thanks for mentioning Axis Of Perdition, haven't listened to them in a month or so and I think they'd way overrated.
watshername 01/03/2005 5:03 PM
shit i have school tomora:( wat about u
boygobang 01/03/2005 3:12 PM
well thank you very much
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