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Sarcastic Existence - 32/M/Philadelphia, PA USA
Joined June 1 2004 12:27 AM
Last Login January 17 2019 9:28 PM
Other Information:
Relationship Status: Engaged
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: Irish and Scottish
Religion: Catholic
Smoke? : No
Drink? : Yes
Children: Way later
Education: Temple University
Occupation: Retail
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thisgirldesire 04/22/2007 1:10 AM
i'd probably puke again if i had more booze right now. i tried drinking some tea and that went horribly wrong, so alcohol would obviously be a terrible choice right now.
thisgirldesire 04/22/2007 1:00 AM
ugh. i feel like death right now. i got drunk at noon for the blue/white game, got ridiculously sunburnt and i have cramps that could turn coal into diamonds with my ovaries right now. so i'm rather miserable.
xitsmex 04/01/2007 9:20 AM
Lemme tell you something.
1.Im not a faggot
2.Don't EVER call my girlfriend a fat ulgy whale, cause shes not even close to it.
3.If your picking on girls and buggin them, harrassing wise, that shows that you have low self-esteem yourself and needa get help.
4.Until you think your mature to fucking say it to my face and all then leave me alone as well as my girlfriend.
xitsmex 04/01/2007 9:10 AM
if shes a fat ulgy whale, then why the fuck are you talkinggg toher?
get a life, she didnt do anythingg to you.
I guess you like to fucking start shit.
The way you treat girls show how big of a asshole you are.
& that ur a pussy bitch and take your problems and anger out on girls.
xitsmex 04/01/2007 9:02 AM
dude, do one thing for me.
Dont EVER fucking curse at my girlfriend. How were u fucking brought up to treat girls?
Like they are worthlesss???
& thats why your fucking ulgy and knowone wants to talk to you, cause ur a stubborn asshole
xitsmex 03/31/2007 3:36 PM
why the hell are you even starting with me anywys?
I didnt do anything to you.
I guess ur another fucker that likes to start shit over the internet and doesnt have the balls to do it in person.
xitsmex 03/31/2007 7:55 AM
being a faggot?
what the hell did I do?
Yo leave my fucking girlfriend alone. Im not fucking arond.
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