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Billy Crystals - 34/M/milwaukee, WI USA
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Movies, music, books, beer
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Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Smoke? : No
Drink? : Yes
Children: no
Education: BA
Occupation: Head inquistor
Favorite Movies: Like I could ever pick one
Pets: Dog
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[worldxeater] [charlesxbronson] [SexBoat]

tony plush 04/17/2013 1:56 AM
theres also a tapping of bourbon county coffee and cherry rye at romas before hand. should make for a good night.
tony plush 04/16/2013 5:25 PM
oh nice, i used to live pretty close to there. you should hit up captel, theyre always hiring. and ill definitely be at absu.
tony plush 04/16/2013 1:42 PM
word, what part are you in? going to absu?
tony plush 04/13/2013 3:58 AM
when do you arrive in good old riverwest?
tony plush 01/23/2013 6:10 PM
bummer you cant make it out to amherst. what happened to moving out west? (if you dont mind me asking)
tony plush 01/23/2013 5:22 PM
definitely. i plan on picking up at least a couple. i heard people were trading king henry for 1414.
tony plush 01/23/2013 5:06 PM
i believe so. my friend offered to drive both ways so i cant really say no to that, haha.
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