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Billy Crystals - 33/M/milwaukee, WI USA
Joined June 6 2004 1:25 PM
Last Login January 15 2017 8:58 PM
Movies, music, books, beer
Other Information:
Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Smoke? : No
Drink? : Yes
Children: no
Education: BA
Occupation: Head inquistor
Favorite Movies: Like I could ever pick one
Pets: Dog
Old Usernames:
[worldxeater] [charlesxbronson] [SexBoat]

brenoritvrezorkre 08/04/2011 9:31 PM
have you heard that jacob kierkegaard album i posted in the playlist thread? it's real good/great concept. there's a link in there as well.
hahahate 01/21/2011 6:00 PM
Yeah make a mix or something it's more fun. My macbook is off right now because its calibrating but ill make one...I have no plans tonight. Leave me your AIM or something.
hahahate 01/21/2011 3:13 PM
Zip files! I can hook you up with my mediafire account as long as you promise not to change the password or delete stuff haha.
hahahate 01/21/2011 2:11 PM
I love all three! Check out Sexdrome, Kilslug, and Mens Interest.

We should trade playlists or something.
hahahate 01/21/2011 11:33 AM
let me know if you like urban blight, i remember your tastes and we like a lot of the same stuff.
Captain Ahab 10/23/2010 1:01 AM
happy birthday fucker
Nude Tayne 09/25/2010 12:56 PM
can i get a nude tayne? also man... do you still have the tim heidecker master ep??? i saw you had a link, but its broken... can you help me out?
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