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Natt Yngel - 28/M/, NH USA
Joined July 9 2004 5:49 PM
Last Login July 26 2007 6:52 AM
Stuff... Guitar, Primal let-loosery, Philosophy, Music, Anime (.hack, Trinity Blood, Samurai Champloo, Eureka Seven, Bo-bobo-bo-bobobo), sacred alliances with benevolently sentient alien warriors ... etcetera ...
Other Information:
Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: English/Swiss/Dutch/German w/ trace elements of a bazillion other things.
Religion: Taoist and European Pagan Spirituality
Smoke? : No
Drink? : No
Children: 5 (not)
Education: Yes... Junior.
Occupation: Ebay, Necromancing Druid Warrior of Balance!
Favorite Books: The Way of Life, etcetera
Instruments Played: GUITAR!
Favorite Movies: Some.

amberoflmao 04/23/2008 4:13 PM
lol@yer blog.
ESTERWEGEN 12/22/2007 2:02 AM
Haha, how are you?
Incendo 08/13/2007 4:10 PM
Hey! I've been great. Really busy.. I just got home from Mass. Where I went to Warped Tour. I barely get on this anymore, I need to start getting on again.. How're you?
blindsiderocker 07/24/2007 1:13 AM
Awesome. I get the limousine logic, its nice.
Everyhting else Im jusy going to shake my head and
Im lost, and I think its final.
This Time Its War 07/23/2007 11:31 PM
Yeah man, Native Americans.

They're never wrong.
Zombieeeee 07/23/2007 8:30 PM
Very true, & wear sexy clothes
Zombieeeee 07/23/2007 2:29 PM
I could so see that happening, & Id join in
Shit would be sweet
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