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Danforth - 33/M/Northern Adelaide Australia
Joined October 1 2004 2:51 AM
Last Login January 12 2014 3:27 AM
Other Information:
Religion: Mahayana Buddhist
Smoke? : No
Drink? : No
Favorite Movies: Chopper, Commando, The Breakfast Club, Heat, Beverly Hills Cop 1, 2 and 3, A History of Violence, Terminator 2, National Lampoons (Chevy Chase only), LOTR, Troy, King Arthur, Big Trouble in Little China, Rumble in the Bronx.
Pets: Cat
Old Usernames:
[Danforth] [DantotheForth] [Danforth] [mydadworksthere] [Danforth] [evilsaucebottle] [danforth.]

viva hate 04/12/2011 8:14 PM
IM REGULAR STORMY 03/27/2011 12:35 AM
lol ok. dont think anyone has ever said that before. guess that's pretty cool.
IM REGULAR STORMY 03/25/2011 3:14 AM
i've been here and there. why do you ask?
cbrickhouse 03/24/2011 2:49 PM
i notice when almost any regular poster stops posting. and thanks, put a ton of work into this in the past year
cbrickhouse 03/22/2011 4:23 PM
no one would remember you? i would
IM REGULAR STORMY 03/21/2011 3:37 AM
lol yea, i'm just enjoying life :)
IM REGULAR STORMY 03/06/2011 7:46 PM
haha yea i don't come on here much either. can't complain too much. going to school and working. nothing too exciting haha. how about you?
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