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slutpunch - 37/M/schwenksville, PA USA
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being awesome
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Relationship Status: Dead Inside
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: other
Religion: agnostic
Smoke? : Yes
Drink? : Yes
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Education: some college
Favorite Books: baby books
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Outsiders_Punk_Rock 05/06/2013 1:18 PM
Hey! we're Outsiders from Uruguay, check out our music here

And if u like you can add us on facebook

mandylove 03/02/2013 1:03 PM
Nice To Meet You
My name is Favor, i saw your profile and it drew my attention to write to you. I would like you to communicate me through my e-mail address ( that we can get to know more about each other more and also to exchange our pictures. I am waiting to her from you. until then continue to be blessed.
dreadful 12/01/2011 11:30 AM
Check out our band! =) click here for link
We hope you like. Stay cool and greetings from Finland!

And if you like go to and push "like" click here for link
Riff610 06/04/2010 8:16 AM
i posted the legit flyer in a thread titled "monument june 19 update" in the crabbery
Riff610 06/01/2010 7:04 PM
not sure if you're on facebook, but here's an event listing for what we got going on.!/event.php?eid=127081360641134&ref=mf

if you add it, ill make you an admin so you can invite your pals
Riff610 05/31/2010 2:26 PM
hey man i'm ryan from monument, thanks for doing the gig on the 19th. it's going to be a blast, look forward to meeting up with you.
Yodel Toast 02/26/2010 2:02 PM
hey I got those coupons yesterday, thanks again!
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