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lolo ferrari - 38/F/springfield, PA USA
Joined June 13 2002 8:15 PM
Last Login May 19 2017 10:52 PM
Other Information:
Relationship Status: Bang Me Please
Orientation: Straight
Smoke? : Yes
Drink? : Yes
Children: none
Occupation: bullshit artist
Old Usernames:
[fated] [blackeyedblonde] [phoenixonfire] [lexxx]

johnponton 05/07/2004 4:03 AM
i really hope that you don't take me for being a pretentious douchebag, because i promise that i'm not, but i just have to say you must be an awesome person in real life. your interests are actually fucking interesting and your band list is perfectly random. i sincerely hope that we are afforded the opportunity to hang out once i have moved up there because i am gonna need a...ahmem... drug buddy (shhh keep it DL so the sxe kids don't get me (not that i'm predjudiced or anything, i'm just crackin a joke) ). an odd foot note i just realized- i haven't looked at your pictures yet.............
coeur 05/05/2004 11:25 PM
Abramson 05/03/2004 4:03 AM
check out "lastdaydying"
_SOAD_ 05/02/2004 5:29 PM
hi!! great band list! apc, incubus, team sleep, pj harvey, iggy, ash, tears for fears,... are not usual list bands in pahardcore! it's a pleasure see them in here
What's the * beside the band names? :S
phoenix_ignition 04/30/2004 3:57 AM
good point, it would be like you askin me how the hell i can stand the heat in this god-forsaken state... i wuld say im used to it. you grow up in the environment and get used t everything... the problem with here is the there're nothin to do except go to shows (which is awesome)
phoenix_ignition 04/30/2004 3:04 AM
no prob, live in philly huh? whats tha like, i haven't been outside AZ.. sheltered
31829 04/30/2004 2:57 AM
Some sweet bands and awesome work on the picture.
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