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lolo ferrari - 38/F/springfield, PA USA
Joined June 13 2002 8:15 PM
Last Login May 19 2017 10:52 PM
Other Information:
Relationship Status: Bang Me Please
Orientation: Straight
Smoke? : Yes
Drink? : Yes
Children: none
Occupation: bullshit artist
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[fated] [blackeyedblonde] [phoenixonfire] [lexxx]

phoenix_ignition 04/30/2004 2:55 AM
kick ass band list and i dig the pics
commack matt 04/29/2004 5:17 PM
nice pics
love_is_a_fist 04/28/2004 2:16 PM
oh man, mutz and barlow in yr pictures!!!
i miss those guys so much.
we... may have met. my name's kristin.
i met barlow and mutz thru mykado.
JessiSnow 04/28/2004 11:54 AM
I read all of your interests. Good stuff.
I guess I will see you on May 8th. I'm told I look exactly like my profile pictures, but you never know what color my hair might be by then.
I'll probably be wearing my "Gore Whore" jacket though, so I'm one of the 2 girls that have those.
cbrickhouse 04/27/2004 5:36 PM
whats goin on
lolo ferrari 04/27/2004 1:31 AM
thanks ifscars... =)
..::localeye::.. 04/26/2004 2:41 PM
Yeah I know the guys in Mykado. I was one of the engineers on their last album. Cool guys. Fall of Eden I don't know personally but I did see them a few weeks ago at the Speakeasy in Upper Darby. It was a good show. They get in touch with me every once in a while about booking them.
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