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Bath Salt Zombies

polyresinator   (55 reviews)

Posted: 01/31/2013 | Comments: 2 | Rate:

Actors: Brandon Salkil, Josh Eal, Ethan Holey, Dave Parker, Jackie McKown, and more

Synopsis: Violent flesh seeking zombie drug addicts run wild in NYC to a punk rock soundtrack. Premiere screening at the Trocadero on Feb 6 w/ Combat Crisis!

This fun flick attempts to capitalize on the bath salt induced crime wave that swept our fine nation last summer. In fact. it will be making its premiere screening at the Trocadero on Feb 6 and Combat Crisis (who's music is featured in the film) will be performing live.

So, the premise here is that a new strand of ultra potent bath salts has surfaced in NYC. The creators of said drug are selling it on the street and low-and-behold some punks get hooked on it and create a shit ton of violent chaos.

The story follows a young junkie named Richie, and details his foibles of finding drugs on a budget. Some of his exploits include: getting high while a well-endowed chick strips on a bed, going to a World War IX show with his fellow punks, and shaking down his wannabe thug drug dealer.

It's obvious this film was made on a budget, but clear that the filmmaker knows how to work this way. He creatively uses computerized effects by melding the film into a hybrid live action / anime thriller. It's really more of a strange twisted violent drama than a traditional horror movie.

In any case, the flick is worth checking out. It features music by The Dwarves, The Meatmen, ANTiSEEN, Murder Junkies, Combat Crisis, and more and the DVD is packaged with a free download card of the soundtrack. It can be purchase at the BATH SALT ZOMBIES official website.


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Looks like a good time.
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