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The Swinging Cheerleaders

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Actors: Colleen Camp, Rosanne Katon, Rainbeaux Smith

Synopsis: Jack Hill spent the seventies specialising in tough female characters. He made movies about girl gangs (Switchblade Sisters) and women in prison (The Big Doll House, The Big Bird Cage), turned Pam Grier a star with Coffy and Foxy Brown, and contributed to the Cheerleaders line of drive-in favorites with The Swinging Cheerleaders.

Kate (Jo Johnston) is a reporter for an underground student newspaper at Mesa University and joins the cheerleading squad to expose what goes on between the girls and team. Her radical editor boyfriend disapproves when she moves into the dorm to get closer to her story, and he becomes quite upset when she winds up sleeping with Buck (Ron Hajek), the star quarterback. Unfortunately, he reveals some nasty traits of his own when he humiliates fellow cheerleader Andrea (Rainbeaux Smith) . Buck’s fiancé, rich blonde cheerleader Mary Ann (Colleen Camp), doesn’t believe Kate’s claims that the coach, a local store owner, and a math teacher rig all of the football games in the season to make themselves rich. Kate decides to expose the story, even though the married math teacher is sleeping with yet another cheerleader, Lisa (Rosanne Katon). After a series of double crosses and over-the-top dramatic moments, there is brawl in a warehouse before the strangely abrupt final scene.

Kate thought that by joining the team she would learn about oppression and ‘female exploitation in contemporary society’. Instead, she finds love, friendship and corruption in the football team, headed up by the coach and his pals.

Kate is a liberated, modern woman of the times with an underground newspaper editor for a boyfriend, so she thinks the football players are all stupid and only after sex. She learns, however that it is quite the opposite.

– Brand new 2K restoration from original film materials
– High Definition (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD Presentations
– Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
– Audio commentary by writer-director Jack Hill, recorded exclusively for this release
– Brand new interview with Jack Hill
– Archive interview with cinematographer Alfred Taylor
– Archive interview with Hill and Johnny Legend
– Q&A with Hill, and actors Colleen Camp and Rosanne Katon recorded at the New Beverly Cinema in 2012
– TV spots
– Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Graham Humphreys
– Illustrated booklet containing new writing by Cullen Gallagher (first pressing only).


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