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A Faith Called Chaos - forgive nothing

liamrulz   (30 reviews)

Posted: 06/19/2004 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

"Blending today's post hardcore madness and '70s oldschool rock and roll flare (guitar solos are back people....), A Faith Called Chaos's debut LP, FORGIVE NOTHING, makes obvious their grassroots hardcore background over a variety of wavelengths "

so i read that on this bands website and just immediately assumed this would be one of the worst cds I have ever heard. I man with the new wave of people trying to water down hardcore with emo and other melodic influences, i was figuring this cd was gonna sound something like that. I have really heard the whole singing and screaming combo about as much as I am willing to. So i put this in with the greatest prejudice I could muster, already thinking of some negative things I could say about it.

After the first song I knew this review was not gonna be what i thought it would. I do have some negative things to say. This is the worst album art I have seen in a long time. This release really looks like a demo by a bad high school punk band. I know it is supposed to look 80's and retro but it really just looks bad. Really bad. What is more, sometimes this dude needs to not sing. Not all the time, cause he only does it sometimes, and when he does it usually fits the music. However there are a few songs that even the most open minded person might get annoyed by his voice. And your promo picture on your site makes you guys look lame.

Thas all i got

everything else about this release is either good or respectable. These guys are not one of these supposedly hardcore bands trying to be eclectic. This band is in no way a hardcore band. I will say they are influenced by hardcore. I would even say that they are a new kind of rock played by kids raised on hardcore and post-hardcore. But this is def a rock release. Taken as a purely rock release, this has to be one of my faves i have received in a while. I like 70's and 80's glam rock, and i like punk, and I like the occasional breakdown for good measure. That is what these guys are. If they had different vocals they would not even get the hardcore label at all. But this dudes scream is classic, very harsh but in a skinny wussy dude way. Which is fine by me. At times it sound like the scream of the dude from refused, when he would actually scream, but other times it is much harsher. The singing is much more glam influenced, and not so much emo sounding except for one or two places. The music is well played and well produced and I just dig it. Like is aid if you take this as a rock release, then the parts that are very tough will just be a nice surprise for you. Over all, this cd is very confusing. I literally listened to it like ten times over a few days before I could even come up with what i really thought of them. It is so different from what youa re used to hearing that chances are on first listen you will yell "CRAP" or like me be too confused to make a decision. However, after a few listens i think you will see that these guys really are solid and talented. This is not a cd I could listen to every day, but I am glad I got to hear it. I suspect most of the hardcore kids on here are gonna make fun of me for this review cause these guys are kinda on the fringe....but I dig it. Finally someone has combined some big excessive 70's guitar sound with a more hardcore aesthetic. I am down. They are playing the warp tour this year but I am not going. If you do tell me how they were.

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