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Aeronautics - Masterplan

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 12/21/2005 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

This band is AWESOME. This is precisely the type of metal I may have been looking for all along to balance out my obsession for gloomy melodic Finnish metal. Something upbeat, but not corny. I would call this power metal I suppose, of which I can enjoy certain bands (Dragonforce and Sonata Arctica mainly), but it is fairly close. They DO have former members of Helloween, which explains their level of ruling.

There are symphonic elements, a slighty dreamy ambiance, and vocals that aren't so high they make me want to jump off a cliff.

They borrow elements from a ton of different styles of metal, but all I know is they are damn good at whatever you would label their style. They have a few ballads, a few powerful up tempo anthems. Their drumming is superb, the guitarwork unblemished and untouchable. The solos are plentiful and amazing.

The best thing about their band is their visual mastery and their intense song structures. They keep the songs varied and interesting from start to finish, I'm pretty angry at myself for not listening to this earlier.

Anyways, enough of the buttkissery. This band rules, and I will be rockin this when no one else is around (because I can almost guarantee my friends will all hate it).

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honestly great, yes. melodicly nice.

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