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Agathodaimon - Serpents Embrace

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 07/03/2004 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

I must say this rocked my socks pretty hard. This falls directly into my definition of "my kind of music". I guess if I were to classify it as anything, it would be goth metal... it reminds me a whole lot of To/Die/For except for the vocals, TDF uses entirely clean vocals, these guys use some black metal styled growls as well as deep eerie clean vocals, and track six has a womans vocals that are in fact beautiful.

They use a wide variety of instruments, and the drumming is real, not a drum machine like you would expect. They use some pretty interesting effects and fades on their instruments. The one major prop I will give them is that they make every song sound different while maintaining cohesiveness. The overall atmosphere of the CD is gloomy, and they set the mood very nicely from track to track. Some parts are just downright heavy as shit and pummeling, and other parts are airy and dreamlike.

Well I must say this was quite a nice suprise to wake up to on a Saturday Morning. I will definetly be listening to this one for a while.

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vanilla gorilla
213,890 Posts
it's a new addition to my favorite cds
I have no legs!
32,578 Posts
I thought this CD wasn't that good. It was typical.
Under the Oak
121 Posts
Agathodaimon is a kick ass band..i thought Chapter III was amazing

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