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All Else Failed - This Never Happened

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 08/11/2004 | Comments: 23 | Rate:

One of PA's angriest band makes a triumphant return, smashing you in the face with 120 miles an hour of pure undeniable hatred, with a semi-emo sounding song thrown in the middle to throw you off.

I have been listening to this band since 1995 when they were going by another name, and had two singers. Since then they have gained notoriety for their wild stage show and amazing pummeling music that tends to defy musical borders.

Their last CD seemed to be steering away from the heavier side... but for the most part this cd is like getting hit in the face with a rusty shovel. The only song that doesn't sound like an AEF signature song is "Waterlogged", which is probably the only track soft enough to play on MTV2. The rest would have all the idiots that watch that channel running for the hills like long tailed cats in a room full of rocking chairs.

My favorite track on this release is probably "Kinetic", an amazing song that covers the whole spectrum of emotions, from anguish to anger to depression to taking that final breath before you pull that trigger.

This is a great release, and I would suggest you get it now before your local CD store sells out.

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whiskey dick
11,638 Posts
about time this got reviewed. i've been listening to this almost exclusively since i got it a few weeks ago. amazing stuff.
embarrassed for y
20,661 Posts
new cocks
146,094 Posts
good fucking CD
vanilla gorilla
213,890 Posts
hey the only reason i do reviews is so half the site can yell at me and the other half will say "this cd rules"
19,325 Posts
this CD is the first thing that i heard by them and i love it
whiskey dick
11,638 Posts
they're no atreyu or evergreen terrace though.
381 Posts
AEF are the shit! A great release from a great band!
2,648 Posts
so true about "waterlogged" and you know's still better than any of the shit out there...get this fucking CD
I have no legs!
11,404 Posts
very good album
I have no legs!
1,451 Posts
this cd's so good, i can't stop listening to it
I have no legs!
1,753 Posts
you cant debate eddie with this josh, youll never win
I have no legs!
6,202 Posts
im excited
life is gawbage
22,796 Posts
i'm so fucking happy they didn't break up
I have no legs!
1,311 Posts
i just got this and even though there is a lot of hype it doesnt disappoint, the only thing i dont like is watching the video and realizing that i missed that show
1,984 Posts
this cd is straight up amazing. best release of 2004.

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