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Animals As Leaders - Weightless

Gisty   (56 reviews)

Posted: 12/27/2011 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

It amazes me how an instrument with 8 strings has changed technical and experimental music since it's beginning. Perhaps it's changed perceptions of how we view artists of today as well. Tosin Abasi is a special artist in my eyes if nothing more than for his musical vision and discipline. I would also like to think he has inspiried other musicians to be better.
Now before Weightless even hit my mailbox last month there were mixed opinions out there from the streams online and you tube. Given my level of excitement and curiosity, I tried to pay little to no attention to them.

I have always looked at Animals As Leaders as a showcase of sorts. Which makes it harder for me to not draw comparisons between this material and 2009's self titled album. What I can say to newer fans of them is that Tosin Abasi is no one trick pony. One listen to this album proved there was more complexity and focus in the song writing this time around. The listener will notice more samples and effects strewn throughout multiple tracks with more emphasis towards the first half of the album. There is still a great balance of different grooves on Weightless where the strings are concerned. Some of my favorite parts of the cd were with the clean guitar and how well the guitar harmonies were written together. This is another one of those creations that you have trouble trying to describe to someone when asked.

Real drums were used in studio this time rather than programmed and I think it sounds much better in the mix. Misha Mansoor was not involved with this album as he was with their last. He handled the keyboards,drum machine,and rythem guitar duties. I honestly think they did a better job production wise this time around regardless. I really hope this recording gains these three gents new fans while keeping old ones wanting more material in the future. To me Animals As Leaders is as solid as ever with a lineup that is running on all cylinders.

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Best album of 2011.

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