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Bad Religion - Live At The Palladium DVD

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 03/12/2006 | Comments: 12 | Rate:

Bad Religion is one of my favorite bands of all time. Anyone with a Bachelors in Theology is more qualified to sing about the issues they cover than most of their counterparts. Greg Graffin and company have been around since before 1980 and don't show any signs of slowing up.

So anyways, getting this album was like Christmas in Febuary. Me and my friends have been watching it religiously since I got it. They cover pretty much every song that I love except maybe "The Answer", but they still have "Generator", "Infected", "Suffer", and "Do what you want" on this bad boy, as well as a good amount of new songs. The fact of the matter is they just rule live. Greg looks like he's teaching a class instead of playing a show. With lyrics that top almost any band ever, he spits his venom far and wide and manages to write music that applies to modern problems and evolves with the world.

Where as they started out writing textbook 2 line punk rock songs, now he tells stories that pretty much anyone can relate to. But even today the songs they wrote are still relevent. "Just a simple carbon based wastage"... what a way to put things in perspective.

If you like this band you really should get this, it's well worth the money. The filming is very professional, the sound is great, and the band, of course, is spectacular.

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Duke Earl
5,526 Posts
definately need to get my hands on this
Stubborn bastard
1,607 Posts
haha, i saw these guys in chicago and i totally agree with you when you say graffin looks like he's teaching a lesson.
Quinn Stoner
16 Posts
Bad religion = the shit
True Love Waits
586 Posts
I was at this show.....totally fucking amazing as always.
im gay
3 Posts
this is dvd takes for ever to finish. which makes it definitly worth buying, might take you a couple of weeks. so much stuff on it. good stuff good stuff
6,659 Posts
One of the first bands I ever got into, and besides Pennywise, my favorite punk band of all time.
I got nothing
214 Posts
seems cool, i gotta find this
I have no legs!
13 Posts
I got this DVD straight from Hetson . . . good stuff.
I got nothing
214 Posts
i just got the dvd, im six songs in the show at this moment, this was the best well spent money ive spent in a good while, i fuckin love this thing, they sound just as good,if not better, live then on record
I have no legs!
4 Posts
The fotage from 1981 mad me luagh Espacialy when greg said" i write the words not the meaning"
mushroom factory
3,826 Posts
pretty sure Brett just writes and records with them now. Greg Hetson and Brian Baker play guitar live.
i meen srs BIZNASS
7 Posts
bad religion = my favorite band of all time.

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