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Big D & The Kids Table - For The Damned, The Dumb, and The Delirious

Travis Fry   (128 reviews)

Posted: 05/23/2011 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

Whenever I am looking for new ska bands people have always suggested I check out Big D and the Kids Table. For some reason I never got around to it and happened to miss every show they played. Recently I set upon another ska quest and again was told to check them out. As if by fate, their album was sitting there in the review pool patiently waiting for me to claim it. Finally I had my chance to see what the big deal was with Big D and the Kids Table.

I start the first track with high expectations because everybody had talked them up so much. They play pretty typical ska-punk with different styled ska littered throughout. Its catchy, upbeat and has a happy sound to it that one would expect from this genre. Its a feel good style that makes you want to bounce around to the music. The first three quarters really held me really well but the last five or so tracks I started losing interest in it and really wasn't into it as much. After a few more listens, I was able to listen to it from start to finish. I can see myself not always finishing the album when listening to it but there is more when I want to listen to more.

There are a lot of amazing tracks on here that normally wouldn't impress me. My favorite would be "Best of Them All" with it's Irish pub song feel to it. It is placed strangely on the record as it doesn't flow well in or out of the song but it is such an enjoyable song that you overlook the strange placement. Another great song here is "Roxbury (Roots ‘n’ Shoots)" which has a dub feel to it. I am usually not a fan of the slower ska especially dub styled but this has some well played music and his voice is superb. All of the fast ska-punk tracks are great making me wonder why I never checked them out before.

The singer's voice has a natural fit to the music that blends with the music extremely well. He has definitely had time to perfect his voice since they have been together since 1995. He has a very distinct voice that sets him apart from other bands in the genre. This definitely adds a great deal to their sound and rounding out their unique sound.

"For The Damned, The Dumb, and The Delirious" has definitely made me a fan. I will be checking out their back catalogue because of it. I have found a great ska band that will be put into my regular rotation of bands. This is definitely a worthwhile addition to any ska or punk collection. If you haven't heard them, check these guys out. This is a fine place to start for anybody interested in them. There are great tracks on here and even if it does seem to be a little long it is chock full of great music. Great music, great band.

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