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Blacklisted - We're Unstoppable

Jeremy DeLa   (32 reviews)

Posted: 09/14/2005 | Comments: 9 | Rate:

right now, blacklisted is single-handedly carrying the philadelphia scene, and this release, a blend of their last ep "our youth is wasted" and their demo, is the best way to prove that point. when their first demo was released i gave it a listen and really liked what i was hearing. it was hard, it was angry, but it wasn't generic or repetitive at all, and not many bands that still are around today can say that about themselves. their ep was did nothing more than absolutely top what they had out on their demo, further proving that this band wasn't going anywhere and had a ton of tricks up their sleeves to keep people wanting more.

this release, like i said, combines the demo and the ep. let's put it this way: that's 10 tracks that 1.) don't sound the same at all, 2.) are all quality (definetly not recycled garbage or fillers), and 3.) keep you listening to the whole cd again and again. trust me, you won't be skipping any tracks to get to a favorite, because they'll all be a favorite.

blacklisted has always had a unique sound, which is another good point proven by this release. you won't hear another band that sounds like blacklisted, at least not in this day. the angry vocals match perfectly with the fast-paced pounding music. you have everything under the sun... some pretty catchy fast parts, some floor punches, hard two steps, and even a breakdown here and there... but not those generic boring predictable breakdowns... blacklisted has their own thing going on. while they are combining pretty much all the aspects of hardcore music they pull it off without sounding like every other hardcore release that you've heard. their production is a little raw, and i love it. it just attributes more to that unique sound that they pull off so well.

do yourself a favor. pick this release up, and while you're at it, go see them live, because their stage presence and live show overall could match pretty much any band i can think of around today.

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amazing band
11,085 Posts
good shit.
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whens the new shit gonna drop

for real best band in hardcore
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i heard it's dropping in a few months, last time i talked to dave they were up in boston recording, shit's going to be out of control sick
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Originally posted by:esmuydavista

whens the new shit gonna drop

for real best band in hardcore

November 8th. Album of the year.

This album absolutely rules.
is god
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awesome cd.
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friggin good album
fred fredburger...
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saw them in cali with the warriors and SYG very good show
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Need to see this band. I've missed them like 20 times. I suck.

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