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Complete Failure - The Art Gospel Of Aggravated Assault

Travis Fry   (128 reviews)

Posted: 02/02/2013 | Comments: 5 | Rate:

A lot of times when you pick up an album you can tell what type of music you are getting yourself into. Either by their name, the album name or just general look of the album cover. Sometimes you can be quite mistaken.

With Complete Failure I was thrown a bit off. I anticipated a hardcore band with generic lyrics and a generic sound. What I found was a hardcore band that was heavy as fuck and fast. Despite this small surprise I still assumed it would sound like every other band out there in this genre.

What started out as a dreaded listen turned into a quite enjoyable romp through this album. It varies between hardcore and a touch of grind. Blast beats and heavy music made this record stand out for me. There is even a song that reminds me of Rollins Band that was strategically placed to break up any monotony that may have arose. The vocals were amazing and are exactly what I look for in my heavy hardcore.

I can see this band going places. Their sound is unique while paying homage to their influences. I was thoroughly impressed and will be tossing this album on for quite some time. this is definitely the best album I have heard so far this year. Go check it out and bask in their righteous jams.

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Band is phenomenal and criminally under rated.
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Originally posted by: mark devito

Band is phenomenal and criminally under rated.

Do they just not get out much or what? I play the shit out of Heal no Evil. Stoked to hear this.
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Heal No Evil is so good, I'm shocked that people didn't pick up on these guys when that dropped.
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this is the most pissed off album i've heard since kamikaze missions by backstabbers inc. fuckin' love them.
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Great band I've like ten times. Pittsburgh grind!!!

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