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Craig Siegelbaum - The Space Of Sound

Gisty   (56 reviews)

Posted: 11/24/2010 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

I took a first listen to Craig's music a few weeks back when he added songs to Stereokiller and immediately knew there was something here I enjoyed. I myself was never a master at the music trade, but always have taken great pride in what i've done. Listening to a handful of these instrumentals is completely inspiring to me as a guitarist and makes me want to run downstairs and lay down guitar tracks.

Craig, a Long Island native, has spent immense amount of time on his craft including multiple bands,television and film scores,and his solo project. His music is also spun by dj's all over the country. With his first solo release The space Of Sound, Craig gives listeners a sonic journey with experimental melodies full of soul. After checking out some of the material from his other two bands, Im confident that this is some of the best work he has completed and some of which can be found with his band Half Circle Drive. To me there is something on this album that most guitar players would find they enjoy or can appreciate. The production quality is also top notch for this record as it compliments the 15 tracks very well.

The listener will find everything from clean sounds,distorted leads,acoustic, and harmonies. Craig also dedicates a song on the album to his brother whom passed away. Some of my favorite tracks were Liftoff, Back From Oblivion, A Time For Healing, Hear Me, And When I See You Again.
I would reccomend this to anyone that enjoys instrumentals of the rock persuasion. Also check out Craig's past contributions in Supergenius and his current band Half Circle Drive.

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