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Crisis - Like Sheep Led To The Slaughter

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 05/04/2004 | Comments: 8 | Rate:

This CD is an astral assault on the ears. Heavy, sludgy, and crushing in every way. Not to mention being one of the most interesting peices of work I've gotten in quite a while. It's like being dragged through mud by a bull. Listening to this CD made me wanna grow dreds and not take a shower for a year. From the dirty streets of New York City, this experimental release is sure to make some waves.

I had one of their old releases, "The Hollowing", but this one puts that oen to shame. This is just plain old great metal, regardless of what kind of label I try to put on it. Very dark, tragic, and brutal without being boring whatsoever. Yeah, sure, they have a girl vocalist, and I know a ton of bands with girl singers are popular simply for that reason, but Karyn Crisis really is all in a league of her own. She uses her voice like a weapon.. ranging from deep growls to angelic singing.

Another musical note of importance with this release is their drummer, who never seems to miss a beat, and uses tribal style arrangement without sounding corny. He uses some of the most interesting beats I've ever heard. As well as making the sound heavier than lead.

If you listen to this CD from start to finish, I can bet that you will feel like you got smacked in the face with a shovel. Hats off to Crisis, and I will go see them the next time they come to Philly.

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vanilla gorilla
213,890 Posts
definatly worth checking out

I have no legs!
32,578 Posts
I think Crisis sucks, and when I heard this one I found it completely uninspiring.
vanilla gorilla
213,890 Posts
thats because you hate everything ever
Iron Jawed Angel
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Crisis is amazing
1 Posts
This cd is worth spending the money for.. IT's sooo Sweeet!!
I have no legs!
1 Posts
Karyn Crisis is at the top of female metal singers lookout Archenemy and otep better watch her back. Where's the new albums???????????????
24,550 Posts
Bumping a 5 year old review? Jeez.
25,747 Posts
hahaha i thought they had a new record.

band sucks on record

band kills live

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