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Cursive - The Difference Between Houses and Homes

John Barlow   (14 reviews)

Posted: 09/26/2005 | Comments: 20 | Rate:

I've been waiting along time for something like this to happen. 'The Difference Between Houses and Homes' is a compilation of Cursive's out of print 7" material and two previously unreleased tracks. Some of the songs date back as far as 1995.

This CD reveals Cursive in the early stages of their maturity. If you are completely unfamiliar with the material on this disc, you are most likely going to be astoundingly pleased as I was. 'The Difference Between Houses and Homes' is a testament to the fact that Cursive cranked out consistantly quality recordings since its inception.

The songs are defined by bursts of energy and melody which usually taper off into dissonant and sometimes ominous, syncopated rhythms. A lot of the tracks are a little bit more screamy than 'Domestica' and 'The Ugly Organ' but nothing really over the top. Gretta Cohn only appears on cello in one of the songs.

Another great thing about the CD is the insert sleeve reads like a children's book. It is 22 pages long and tells the story of a group of young orphans that live in a paper house which is blown away in a winter storm (probably inspired by the song 'There's a Coldest Day in Every Year').

This is a great release and I hope to see many more like it in the future. For the first time in a long time, Saddle Creek did something right. Now go out and get it before they take it off the shelf and replace it with one of Conor Oberst's shiny new turds.

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yup. awesome band.
I have no legs!
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if you're into this style it's an excellent cd to pick up.
how tripods work
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Just saw them, great live band and great all around
there is no title
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If they could pull off another Ugly Organ, I would die a happy man.
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Indeed they are awesome, just saw them play recently, great performance. Some bad news however:
Cursive has announced the departure of cellist Gretta Cohn on the band's Myspace page. The following message was posted regarding the situation:
Cursive regrets to announce the departure of cellist Gretta Cohn. After four years in the band, Gretta has decided to leave Omaha to pursue other interests and projects, including a potential solo album. The split is very amicable: the band wishes her well and she in turn eagerly anticipates the new Cursive material to come. Cursive will not be seeking a replacement.
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so far i don't like it very much. it's alright i guess.
I have no legs!
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i was hoping for another cd like there last this new one just isn't near as good. there an awesome band but i wish they didn't have this ne album.
hates mayonnaise
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easily one of the best bands I've ever seen live
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I have no legs!
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cursive will always be in my top three. i can guarantee that.

it's been about 4 years since I started listening to them....and I still have yet to be disappointed.
Bite my bottom
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CURSIVE CAN DO NO WRONG! they are a great band to say the least. i recent burned a live session of cursive and its fucking great... in "sink to the beat" they spliced in a saying from "billy madison" its quite funny to hear. cursive is one band i can truely hear what they are saying and the way they present it is flawless!

I have no legs!
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I dont like too much indy, but it's good if you like this kind of music.
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cursive is awesome
I have no legs!
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its pretty odd

and kinda difficult to relate to other bands
Vodka Party
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Originally posted by:whereislovenow

cursive is awesome

True story.

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