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Debtor - Deliverance

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Posted: 04/28/2010 | Comments: 2 | Rate:

Hailing from the outskirts of Philadelphia, Debtor brings forth their debut full length entitled Deliverance. Not being satisfied with playing a straight forward sound the band shows their depth level early on in their career with this outing.

It’s been a very long time since I really got down with the whole melodic hardcore. The Golden Age is the only band in recent memory that really caught my attention in the last 5 years when it comes to this style of hardcore. Both Debtor and The Golden Age play a fast, more punk influenced style of music but with a blend of melody overlapping to give added depth. That is where the similarities end. Debtor seems to break away from the mold a lot more and channel other influences to add to the experimentation. The very first time I listened to the disc, I immediately pictured these guys going and branching off into different genres of music completely as if to define their own style. They won’t sound like or may not be as successful but I see them going in the route of bands like Blacklisted and Converge. The foundation of hardcore will always be present but the band will greatly surpass those boundaries into something else entirely.

When it gets down to the lyrics, this is where the band can lose fans quickly and it’s unfortunate. The band is Christian and they make it quickly apparent as the singer is listed as contributing “prayers, offensive statements, and acoustic guitar”. Their MySpace has “Gospel” listed in their sound. I take it for what its worth. While I generally don’t agree with the Christian Religion, I can get behind positive messages and that seems to be Debtor’s main goal. It will only be offensive to those that cannot get passed the Christian part.

My biggest complaint about this album is the talking parts. I never thought talking was cool. Even some of the bands I am or used to be really into like One King Down and Poison The Well always pissed me off when they’d break into their talking nonsense. In all cases it was a waste of words. OKD and PTW could have opted to not say anything over those soft parts, Debtor wasted the words completely. The words used before the song None Righteous should have been saved for a song of their own. To me it came off as if the singer was preaching and no one ever appreciates that.

If these kids can stay dedicated and continue to experiment with melodies and sounds they could potentially be something much bigger than they set out to be. I wouldn’t call this record the album of the year but it definitely set out the foundation of something that can be built upon. I’m curious more in their follow-up work now than this album just to see where they opt to go with it.

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