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Denial Fiend - They Rise

Kyle K.   (14 reviews)

Posted: 12/17/2008 | Comments: 4 | Rate:

I popped this in at first simply because the artwork was kinda cool. I was afraid that this was going to be some bullshit punk horrorcore band with stupid samples and symphonic synthesized keyboards.

Holy shit, I was wrong.

Everything about this album fucking rules. Kam Lee, formerly of Massacre,Death and it's original incarnation, Mantas, is on vocals. The vocals are gutteral and amazing the whole album through. Some songs mix in some weird samples and vocals designed to promote the horror aspect of the band, but anytime Kam Lee yells into the microphone, your ears will bleed orgasms.

Shredding away on guitar and bass are Sam Williams and Terry Butler, Lee's former bandmates from Massacre. The sound they create the whole way through is purely simple, classic death metal with some punk elements. Curtis Beeson sets the tempo for each song on drums and flows along with no interuption. Drums are tight and heavy, again mixing common DM drumming elements and punk as well.

Right off the bat, the album's title track "They Rise" lets you know what you're in for, which is just pure, unadulterated death metal. The same could be said about every track on here, although a few here and there have that weird horror atmosphere added to the middle of the song with some narrative by Lee about killing people and drinking blood, the usual. It's very present on the track Cover Me In Blood, but it's still welcome, especially since they follow it up with a killer solo.

Did I mention the solos in here are top notch? Nothing stupid and random that doesn't make sense, nothing boring, all made to take the intensity of the song to the next level. This is Florida fucking death metal and it fucking rules.

To be honest, you don't listen to the album and think of Halloween or horror movies, and I think they made the right decision taking that path and going easy on the horror aspect. This album has easily ripped anything else Brickhouse has given me to review, despite the other albums having superior production. Just goes to show you that high production levels don't make the music.

Listen to this album. It will make you want to headbutt Cabbage Patch Kids and eat somebody's eyeballs with tobasco sauce. Maybe howl at a moon or other heavenly body too. Either way, check them out.

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vanilla gorilla
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looked like some horrorpunk or something, judging by the label
Lets go Mets!!!
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Originally posted by: cbrickhouse

looked like some horrorpunk or something, judging by the label

That's what I thought, but thankfully it turned out not to be. Most anything with the horror label these days tend to be something awful and involving a member of slipknot.
Pulp Free
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where the fuck is Rick Rozz at?
1,137 Posts
Rick Rozz...jesus, there's a name I haven't heard since 93.

Ibex Moon has been putting out some pretty bitching metal lately.

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