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Dragonlord - Black Wings Of Destiny

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 12/21/2005 | Comments: 13 | Rate:

DragonLORD, not DragonFORCE. Two completely different bands.

Dragonlord is a side project of Testament guitarist Eric Peterson, but keep in mind they sound absolutly nothing like Testement.

Anyways, This band is great. They mix symphonic black metal elements with melodic metal and classical metal/classical music and come up with something not corny, not repetitive, and not bad at all. It has a gothic gloomy feel and yet runs the gambit from fast to slow, from almost uplifting to depressing as shit. This album takes you for a medieval ride of your life. The song structures and composition are amazing and I really can't think of a single bad thing about this band.

This is now permanently in my playlist... it allows me to smoke a blunt and float away into mystical lands of wars and castles, which to me is better than wasting my time watching TV.

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holy wow this is some good stuff. I downloaded Mark Of Damnation. great track. I'll pick this up ASAP.
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yeah this stuff is great. i need to get it.
vanilla gorilla
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i still am listening to this. quite rare for me, with the crap cds i get sent to me most of the time
I have no legs!
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Their last Album was fucking AMAZING. I need to get my hands on this.
vanilla gorilla
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just added a new song, everyone check this out
I got nothing
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its pretty cool, i dont know why but it reminds me of both black metal underoath and new between the buried and me, it has pretty much to do with each part, the guitars and the key board remind me of underoath, while the screaming and druming reminds me of between the buried and me anyway its pretty fucking awesome
vanilla gorilla
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uhm dude. this is actual black metal. between the buried and me and old underoath are not black metal at all, they are just influenced slightly by it.
The Winter's Wrath
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There's too many Dragon-bands. Dragonlord, DragonForce, Dragonland, Dragonblade...

I had the first Dragonlord CD and I was like, meh, but I'll check this out. Wouldn't mind seeing a new Testament CD sometime soon, actually.
I have no legs!
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I confused this with DRAGONLAND. Actually. :(
hi flip skater
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This is AWESOME!! a Dragon Band!! LoL

you guys are great
The Unpatriotic
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an amazing release in my opinion.
I have no legs!
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this sounds like Dimmu Borgir's last album...i think is boring

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