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Dredg - Catch Without Arms

-Jeremy-   (15 reviews)

Posted: 07/26/2005 | Comments: 29 | Rate:

Dredg are actually one of the first bands I got into when I actually started listening to good music. I have always loved them. And with this new release "Catch Without Arms", it only solidifies my love for this band.

This album is quite a bit more mainstream and has more of a pop edge to it than I'm used to hearing from Dredg. Their last album, El Cielo, was a step forward from their previous material in the way of it being substantially more melodic. And this album takes an even bigger leap into that area. While El Cielo was quite en experimental and inventive album (many instrumental tracks and segue's in songs, no specific song structures, thought provoking lyrics, etc) this album is a lot more toned down. There are no instrumental tracks on here, which is more or less my only real complaint about the album. Their instrumental tracks from previous albums were beautiful and enjoyable to listen to, so it's disappointing not to have any of that on this album, but I can deal with it.

There are twelve tracks on this album, and pretty much every song is structured in the traditional song writing format (verse-chorus-verse-chorus-interlude-chorus). This is both a good and bad thing for a band like Dredg. It's a bad thing because I know they are fully capable of writing beautifully written songs that branch off in all directions. But with this simpler format, it works really well for them in a different sort of way. Because they are such talented song writers, they can pull off these more standard type songs with ease. And it sounds incredible. They sure do know how to write an outstanding chorus. The chorus lines in these songs have such an epic feeling to them, bursting with emotion (for the most part). Overall though, this album as a whole isn't nearly as epic as their masterpiece El Cielo. It does have a bit of a heavier edge than that album though, and it's faster paced.

The lyrics on this album have dullened from their old material. I mean, many of the songs on Catch Without Arms have outstanding lyrics, but many also have fairly forgettable lyrics. For example, I love this lyric from Bug Eyes "Only those who accept, will find that acceptance in return. We have been trimmed down like hedges, and told to just sit and wilt, and spit at each other from a distance" or this line from the closing track, Matroshka "You're love was like a callus, I scarred enough to be tough and immune, my body adapts you see - to all above my head and all below my feet, no that's one freedom you will never take from me". I love those lyrics, but there are some not so memorable lines as well, such as "You spitshined my corroded halo, then packaged it away, you spitshined my corroded halo and left to decay". But overall the lyrics are very well written and miles above most of the crap lyrics bands are writing these days. And Gavin's voice behind these lyrics, is so beautiful and haunting. He makes this band unforgettable, and is the icing on the cake for the incredible music Dredg creates.

I recommend this album to the fullest extent, go out and buy it now. But their first major release "Leitmotif" is an even better album (very experimental, creative, and original stuff on there). But their second release "El Cielo" is some of the best music of any genre to be released in many years, in my eyes. My personal favorite tracks on "Catch Without Arms" are: "Ode to the Sun", "Bug Eyes", "Not that simple", "Planting Seeds", and the great closing track "Matroshka".

Best Album of 2005

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Oh, and this cd is incredible. Go buy it, and all of their other cd's too (especially El Cielo).
party monster
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goooooo Jeremy
I have no legs!
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Amazing cd...go buy it.
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amazing album. definitely in (at least) my top 5 for the year.
I have no legs!
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simply amazing band
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my fav of the year so far
Burning the Cross
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Leitmotif is amazing.. this is kind of a dissapoinment
Bird watcher
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dredg - chameleon club, lancaster...aug 12
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Originally posted by:bb king

this is definitely their worst effort.

You're right, this is their weakest effort to date. But even still, it's a spectacular album.

And I expected them to go this direction with this album anyhow, so I wasn't disappointed at all.
I have no legs!
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i LURVE it.
Gore On The Floor
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I like it alot...The vocals are amazing.
Manned by Boderato
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thanks! downloading them now ;) ;) ;)
I have no legs!
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I need to check this out.
I have no legs!
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pretty decent.

Trust Company owns them though as far as rock goes.
east bay grease
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Trust Company owns nobody, what a horrible band.

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