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Ex Dementia - Thou Shall Repulse

Ronnie Rainbow   (1 reviews)

Posted: 03/06/2007 | Comments: 4 | Rate:

Why can't more bands be like this. Nothing technical or "br00tal", just great old school gore filled Death Metal. For a band that has been for just about two years, these guy really have it down pat. Their songwriting is great. The song are extremely catchy and never get boring. The dual vocals on here are some of the most sickening I've ever heard. I can definitely hear some Autopsy and Repulsion influence in the music. My only real complaint is that the playing does get kind of sloppy in one or two places, and that album is kind of short. But all in all, this album is great. I definitely recommend it.

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smells like vag!
9,444 Posts
yes they are good, so I'm guessing you be at this show in Philly April 13th

Outstrached Arms
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their voices sound like they're melting
I have no legs!
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mp3s samples sound awesome
Bad Debt
6,337 Posts
Not bad...i like techy stuff but this is could grow on me. It is pretty catchy.

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